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Best Regional Airline

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The answer is the same as the one about the best Major, The first one that hires you.
Question Impossible

Who is the best quarterback ever to play in the NFL?

OK, that one was too easy.

Marino, duh.
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I have read a lot (& experienced some) about the various regional airlines in the past 18 mos.

I would say that Air Wisconsin, far and away, is overall the best regional airline.

I would rank SkyWest as #2.

I think that there are a lot of them that are reasonable, and I don't think there's that much difference between many of them.

If a contract, or other major problem, is being negotiated or worked through, you will hear the pilots complain a lot more than they usually do, so you can take that as a grain of salt if the regional you are looking at is negotiating.

Which is best for YOU is the better question?

For example, many people would consider Air WI (AWAC) to be a poor choice because they don't want to be based at Appleton (WI) or O'Hare or Denver.

And, if the airline you think is great never calls you in for an interview or hires you, it doesn't matter.

For the better regionals, you need to get a less desirable flying job somewhere else first, so if you are hired by an airline, they are pretty darn good for you!

Good Luck! (I could use some myself-It's tiring being patient for so long!!!)

That question is impossible to answer. What makes one airline the best to you might be different for someone else. The important thing is to be happy where you go.
I agree that Air Wisky and Skywest are one of the top regionals. If you look at it from a money issue Comair has the best pay scale which tops out at $118 an hr. They also have good equipment with an all CRJ fleet except for a handfull of Brasilias, which will be retired this year. They are also experiencing alot of growth which means better upgrade times and job security (if there is such a thing for a pilot). You only have one choice when it comes to a domicile however. If you want a good selection of bases Skywest has a butload of them, and in some pretty cool places too. For me Air Wisky falls in between Skywest and Comair. Just my opinion.
That $118.00, is that for the 70 seater or the regular 50 seat CL-65. My understanding is that our CL-65 pay rate is Comair 50 seater plus 1%. That means $106.60 at 17 years.

I bring this up because the CL-65 is not our biggest aircraft. We have the BAE-146 that tops out at $135.65 at 19 years. But never mind top out pay scale. First year here isn't great, but it's up there. The 328 guys start at $21.00 (probably very few people going to that aircraft these days) and the CL-65 and 146 start at $24.50. Our SECOND YEAR 146 F.O. is $40.00 an hour. That's not bad. Also take into consideration that you are an employee here from day one, earning you monthly guarantee while in training AND the company pays for the hotel for the entire duration of your training. We also have the 2 for 1 duty rig and 3.5 for 1 trip rig. A 3 hour minimum pay per day and full pay for weather and mechanical cancelation. Plus, we have to work less for the money, our minimum days off are 12 for both reserve and line holders.

So back to my original question, what aircraft is the $118.00 for?

At Comair, the $118.22 is for the CRJ70 effective 6/22/05. The top end of the CURRENT CRJ50 scale is $85.83 and $101.98 for the CRJ70.
Beechnut, anyway you could post a little more detailed payscale for the CL-65. Thanks.
I was talking the other day to an Air Wisconsin pilot who was furloughed. Comair has never furloughed an employee. I think Comair is the best, and will continue to be the regional jet leader in the world.

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