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Best or Worse tips

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Jul 10, 2004
Just wondering what is the best ips or worst tips people have recieved.
The best tip I ever got was 500$ a piece for each crew
I was given $600 once (flying single pilot) and I didn't even get the guy to his destination! I was taking the passenger to Amarillo and had to divert to Borger, of all places, due to freezing fog and low vis at AMA.

G200's tip is probably the best, however.
Best Tip?

Plant your corn in the spring...

I have been flying for a jet card company for a year. I have gotten 3 tips in a year. And flying the same model aircraft mentioned in the previous post. Cheap a$$ Ba$tards!

The fractional/jet card companies have allowed a lower class of passengers into corporate aviation, much in the same way as deregulation has turned the airline industry into flying Greyhound buses.

I got a tip nearly every trip when flying Lears str8 part 135 a decade ago..
2 - $200 from very high maintenance pax. But they knew it and paid accordingly.

My first tip was $5 bucks, I was excited at the idea and told my wife. She said that is what I give my hair dresser.
Flew 135 for a while, they were few and far between.

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