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Best "little" airports?

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just a member, not senior
Nov 26, 2001
What are some of the better aiports around the country to fly to for fun?

Thinking about planning a cross country to hit about 10-15 different states for site seeing and vacationing.

Resorts, Fly-in communities, anything not "Big City".

I know some of you out there have been to some interesting spots on the map. Tried to find a good website with no real luck other than the burger stops.
Cedar Key Florida, on the west coast west of Gainesville. No facilities on the field, but a lady will pick you up in an huge old 1940s/1950s car and drive you to town about 1 mile away.

Venice Beach Florida, a free cab ride (five dollar tip usually) to Sharkey's restaurant right on the Gulf of Mexico. Watch the sunset over the water.

Walker's Key Bahamas. Just 30-45 minutes off the coast of Ft. Pierce. Nothing there but a runway, a little marina and a hotel. Great fishing and diving (including the shark rodeo - go diving with sharks during a .

Bimini Bahamas, less than 30 minutes off the coast of Miami.

Lakeland Florida has a good..CHEAP restaurant right on the field. All the locals go there.
West Coast FL

I second Cedar Key. Also Cross City not too far away. They have a pig there and you can buy it a beer and it opens it and drinks it too. Crystal River is close by also. They have springs that you can swim in and the river leads right to the Gulf of Mexico. They just re-did the runway, and they have a grass strip too. All of these airports are within 40 miles of each other. PM me for specifics.
In CA - Santa Paula and Oceano.

In TX - Llano for BBQ at Coopers.

In AZ - Sedona.
AMEN to BigD's post about the stop in Llano. Coopers is worth the trip. Going all the way down there from the panhandle tomorrow as a matter of fact.

McGehees Catfish also. Just across the Red River north of Gainesville, TX.
Up here in the northeast

How far north are you planning to fly?Northeast P.A. is a real nice place to stop . A real nice airport to stop at is 9n3. Stop in and say hi to Billy NICE GUY !!!! :D :D :D
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Well in the S.E.

I would have to say St. Simons Island about 1/2 between JAX and SAV is a great little airport. They have a courtesy car you can take into downtown about 5 min away.
Have to 2nd or 3rd the Cross City airport just to see the pig!
Also Catalina island off the CA coast is alot of fun to fly into.
come to Maine

come to maine....Sanford (sfm) has a nice little restuarant. The head up the coastline to Rockland (RKD) then a little further downeast to Bar Harbor (BHB) Say Hi to the girls at Acadia Air, borrow the van and head into town for a lobsta-roll.
Goodluck, can I come with you?
live to fly and fly to eat!

I strongly second St. Simon's Island (GA). It's worth the trip just to eat at Barbara Jean's . . . best seafood I've ever eaten, and I've eaten a lot.
Also second Sedona-breathtaking. In that same vein, try Grand Canyon West. Breathtaking approach from over the Canyon; stop and have an Indian taco.
In Albuquerque fly into Coronado and get a crew car and drive down to Sadies on 4th. St. NW for some killer carne adovado.
Also in the SE try FQD, Rutherford Co., NC. Great little cafe on the field, the 27A Cafe. Gotta have the banana pudding for desert.
True story: a while back someone broke into the 27A and the only thing they stole was the banana pudding!
Have fun.

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