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Best Instr. interview questions?


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Jan 26, 2002
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Hi Folks,

Looking for some collective wisdom (experience).

I'm putting together a 135 Instr. Comp oral exam and wanted to create something that more resembles the best instrument questions seen & heard at the regional or major airline interviews. This is the next step for most of our people and I would like for them to get more exposure with what they will have thrown at them in these interview settings.

So, If you have a minute, I'm sure everyone on this board has a question they think was/is essential, or overlooked, or finds weak areas in the Instr. flying area during an interview.

Looks like things will be picking up some in the industry shortly and would like to get everyones head back in the "interview prep." game.

Tks in advance & Brgds

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Nov 26, 2001
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This isn't quite what you wanted, but...

My first 121 interview with a commuter airline. It was a 3-person board: HR rep, interview captain, and the D.O. They asked all the typical HR type questions, regs, A/C specifics, Jepps ... the whole nine yards. Since I was flying freight, I felt on top of my game. All answers came out without any stumbling or hesitation. So far,so good. The last question came from the D.O., and he said: "Alright, your whole interview now rests upon this last question, and nobody has gotten it right yet." He looks at me with this dead-serious snarl. I start to sweat now. What in the heck could be so tough? I only prepared for the stuff that they have already asked me.

Here was the fateful moment!

The question: "What kind of candybar was floating in the pool in the movie 'Caddyshack'?" I about fell out of my seat!!!!! I was laughing so hard that the D.O. asked this. Of course, anyone who watches as much TV as I do knows the answer to this. This just goes to prove that you can never be ready for everything.

And, yes, I got the job thanks to my Baby Ruth. :D