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Best Flight Case

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Well-known member
May 25, 2004
So my wife has gone through about 3 chart cases in the past 2 years and it is once again time for a new one. What are the cases that people have had good luck with now days? Thinking about avoiding leather, and also avoiding the office max special.

Thanks in advance.

Wish I could could buy her jeppview and a fugitsu.
Coyote works. Absolutely indestructible. Their binders are also built like a brick...
I have an AeroCoast with the saddle-handles, I think I paid about $180 for the bag a couple years ago. So far its been very sturdy. The bag has a nice thick plastic skid plate on the bottom and piano hinges on the top cover-flaps.
I had a Korchman bag with wheels for 7 years. Got the one with wheels cause I did mostly day trips and was lazy. It held up like a tank. Even ran it over with my car once by accident. After having the bag 2.5 to 3 years the handle fell off. Used eye bolts a little bit of chain inside pvc pipe as my new handle. That thing worked awesome. About 5 years into life the pull handle was tough to get back down. Since I don't use the pull handle much any more I just drilled a hole in the bag and used zip ties to clamp it down. Finally after 7 years of use the back top flap came off one side of the bag. Was able to use speed tape and black duct tape to get it back working. I was going to refuse to pay any more money on flight kits until I got a new job. I managed to get the duct tape to work for about 6 months and then xmas day there was a gift from "santa" under the tree that happened to be a new flight kit.

The new one is the new leather sproty's one with wheels. "Santa" got me one with wheels cause my old one had wheels. Anyways I like this case so far. It seems like its built pretty solid. The top flaps are more surface area connecting them to the rest of the kit so don't think I'll have the top flap falling off problem again. I do like that the pull handle as a pocket it will tuck away into and hides in a zipper so rampies don't grab for it.

One thing that I think really helps with the life of the flight kit is actually the wheels. When I drag it behind my overnight bag the wheels hit the ground instead of the corner of the kit. So I never have to worry about the bag drag making a hole in the bottom of the kit. I hope to get another 7 or so years outta this kit.
My Luggage Works is nearing the end of its life after 6 years! Money well spent. Will go with coyote or another reinforced bottom one next time.
Luggage Works Ballistic Nylon. Just started it's 4th year and still looks new. I removed the side pockets, but even with them it fits in the CRJ bin. Well worth the $$$. --> Click Here


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