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Beechjet 400A ?

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Mar 31, 2005
For those seasoned 400A/400XP people waiting to share their knowledge, a question: Do you do the full "Before Starting Engines" checklist on flights that are not the first flight of the day? If you just shut down the engines 20 mins ago, loaded up and are heading right back out, do you do the master test, the trim check, etc? Does anyone have a self developed "flow" that works well?

Just looking for a way to safely (and legally, pt 91) streamline the ground turns, my FSI checklist doesn't seem to have much info on the subject...

Thanks for any assistance
I have minimal experience in Be40, but on quickturns we just go straight to the starting engines check. If its overnighted we usually will do the full before starting engines check hopefully with a power cart too. Hope this helps.
Quick turn checks

I've always had a company checklist that was more efficient than FSI's. And on a quick turn, ALWAYS checked the trims, usually on taxi-out. Given the pitch trim actuator is one of the weak points of the aircraft, it's essential to check trims before every flight. The full checks aren't that hard to do once you get a flow but I usually did them only first flight of the day at home with a power cart. Once you've got a flow and are comfortable with them, doing them w/o a cart on the road is still pretty quick. Also, you might check the NBAA tech committee for more info.
I skip most of the checks. I do the trim check that's about it. And I can do that in about 30 seconds. Oxygen knob, CBs Guards, stand by power, standby gyro, battery & inverter, ignition standby. There might be some other things, but i can't remember right now, most of it I leave it alone except for first flight. I'll check speed brakes, TRs, anti-skid everytime too. Autopilot I do once, if the yaw damper engages i'm pretty confident the AP will work

Oh, the only other thing I'm sure of is to put the dumb pin in.
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If you have a FSI or Simuflite checklist, the items with an asterick by them should be done on a quick turn. If its been all day or over night, I recommend doing the full checklist.

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