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BE20 "Single Pilot" Checklist?

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Well-known member
May 12, 2002
Does anyone have a "modified" King Air 200/B200 checklist that is sufficiently small, simple and handy for use in single pilot ops? (Part 91) I already have the FlightSafety one, and the Beech one, but I think they are really more suitable for two pilot ops, or as "reference material" for emergencies, etc. I suppose I could make one up myself, but I thought somebody out there might already have something similar they'd be willing to share. Any ideas? Or PM me if you want.
We fly our 200 two-pilot, but our checklists (normal and emergency) are built in to the radar display ... they cover everything reasonably well, and are pretty simple to operate. I would think it would be pretty friendly for a single-pilot operation.

We also keep SimuFlite's QRH on our flight deck as back-up (though it's never been needed), plus it has a chart correlating every annunciator to its associated abnormal or emergency checklist.

Tailwinds, y'all ...

We have a decent one that the FAA approved for 135 single pilot ops.

I can fax it if you PM me your number or mail it.

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