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BE-99 Job

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Oct 29, 2004
We're looking for a BE-99 pilot. You'd be flying a single pilot UPS run in New England. We require 2000TT and 500ME. PM me for details.
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Just curious. What part of New England? Is it an out an back run? How long would you be at the layover?
be99 pilot

i am a recently laid off hawker 700 pilot in central ny looking for a scheduled type flying job. 3800 total/2000 me/1000 jet. willing to relocate. pay would be a factor $40,000 min. please give me more info-pay,base,schedule,etc. thanks
The run is out of northern Maine. It is an out and back, with a 9 hour layover. Pay is 33 plus 5 perdiem, so you get 38/year. Wiggins Airways is the company. Feel free to shoot 'em a resume if you're interested.

PM me, if you have any specific questions.
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I figured it was Wiggins. I flew into Bangor last month and saw one of theirs.
hey man

is this J Z. from flight express. This is T S at ameriflight. nice to see you posting here. had a few days off, so i am in st louis. call me

Congrats on the new job, man. Send my regards to B. B.


Yeah, the company is Wiggins. I should've been more descriptive in my first couple posts.
Sounds like a decent gig. I am actualy up here in Bangor stuck for the weekend, was ferrying a new but very sparcely equipped 172 over the pond, but DG went tits up, as did my handheld GPS, so hopefully I can get the DG fixed and find a handheld GPS.

Any other flightinfo people in Bangor?
The Presque Isle pilot they have now is gay! But good looking...lol!
Just joking about that..hes a greet guy! Happy flying!

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