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Bank Air

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Aug 5, 2005
Just curious if anyone knows anything about the interview process for Bank Air. I am familiar with the type of aircraft they fly but that's about it. Any input would be great.
To headinclouds

The story on this company is that they have killed 30 to 35 pilots since back in the early 1970'S.If you doubt this simply visit the FSDO office in CAE and ask for accident reports.This is definitely a bottom feeder operation flying under 134.5 rules.They simply do not do maintenance or training.Run away from this company as fast as you can.They do not rate a certificate of any kind.
I have flown there for 5 years. Safety is on the pilot. When people fly broke a/c or crazy unsafe flying, people die. If you look at the accident reports, which I am sure you have not, you will understand. 30-35 is very extreme. Yes, they have lost a few but $hit happens. The pay is decent for the schedule of 4 on 3 off. Off weekends and holidays plus raking up a lot of time fast. There is no real interview process. If you end up in Columbia, you have the job. PM me if you have any questions.
I would agree with RedDog's advice. I would add don't take the job if can't afford to leave and once there don't get sucked into doing anything for the sake of the mission. This I speak of from first hand knowledge. Keep in mind you want to leave with life and liscense in tact, know when to walk away...........
Sorry to say you are wrong about the number of people they have killed, however I will agree with you about them being bottom feeders.

As for most 135 check and cargo haulers, they only do what the have to do as far as maintenance and training goes.

Trash Haulers Company Moto is "If you can fly one you can fly them all" and "You're going to die some time, so why not with us".

Have you tried flying for some fractional? Much safer and better pay.

Oh to check the status on any accident or companies accident history just go to: http://www.ntsb.gov/ntsb/query.asp
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To mecfii

Thanks for confirming my suspicions about this outfit,I try to stay away from all scuzzball operators.
G-Force, looking at your profile it looks as if you have little or no experience flying a complex aircraft. A KingAir is not complex and I am not sure what an A100 or E90, so must not be too big. Don't rant about companies you know nothing about. The QOL is much better than any regional and corporate job and the pay blows them out of the water in a per hour of work basis even though it is below industry standard for the airframe. Last time I checked, a few major carriers have had accidents killing more people in one crash than most companies in a lifetime. Now the fact that you are looking for a job shows in you remarks. Good luck finding a job because your attitiude will probably come out in the interview. I am starting to see why you are without a job.
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no offense....but a Learjet is no more complex than a King Air...

and having known people who work there, Bankair is about as bottomfeeder as it gets

heck, they only started sim training after they were forced to after losing the last lear in FL during "in house training"...that one only killed 3....but saved money on sim training!

:eek: .
To RedDogC130

You sound as if you are just another Kool-Aid drinker trying to justify being dumped on non-stop by the scuzzball mgmt of your scuzzball company.The other posts on this site seem to agree with me more than you,Dude,have a BLEACH chaser with that Kool-Aid.And also,get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!
Well, if you know the story of the accident then you know it was pilot error not mechanical. G-Force I worked there for 5 years before moving on to a great company flying a lot bigger aircraft and think the company has as much problems as the rest. I do not know what you would call a model company...pick a regional....talk about a great lifestyle and management/employee relation. I do not know many compaines that hire guys with 250 hours and upgrade them when they have 1500. Shows a little respect from management to let someone do that. It has happened mucho mucho times at BankAir. You just sound like a bitter guy who can't get a job. I wish you could because you are probably a great pilot but have an attitude problem. If they offered you a job...I bet you would not turn it down to continue to be a Wal-Mart greeter.

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