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Background Check and Fingerprints

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Sep 18, 2003
I did a search here and couldn't find much regarding who has to get fingerprinted for 135 work. We're admittedly a littlle disorganized at work on this subject and I need to get us compliant. Any adivce would help.
Thanks :)
The PRIA standards has NO requirement for fingerprinting for US citizens, but I don't know about a non-US citizen working for a US carrier. Anybody?
No requirement unless your are on a TFSSP serurity program or need an airport ID. Just the PRIA stuff. Non-US may have TSA requirement for training??
Start here.....


There is a TSA requirement for fingerprinting (CHRC) for certain charter operators. Go to www.nbaa.org, seacrh the words twelve five and you'll get the rule.
....oops, I wasn't thinking about over 12,500. English has the good links for info.
If all you need is the basic PRIA stuff for under 12,500 operations, IMHO the NATA service is a rip-off, you can easily send in all the required forms and stuff yourself.
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English thanks for the NATA link, checking it out right now. Yea, we're heavier than 12.5 so might be something to do here.

God I hate paperwork
This is not an FAR, but a reg required by TSA. Look up TSR 1544. Those are all the regulations governing the Twelve-Five Program (including fingerprinting, security checks, disqualifying offenses, etc.) I think 1544.299 is what you are looking for.
yup, I learned all about the 12.5 program today. Going for and sending people to get printed next week.
Thanks everyone.
Two words - self disclosure.

Live it, learn it, breathe it.
Am I correct in saying that the SIDA regulations apply now to 135 ops over 12,500?

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