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B1900's Flying?

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Had heard a rumor that most of the Part 121 B1900's couldn't be modified to meet new security requirements and would have to be parked.

Specifically, the cockpits couldn't be made sufficiently secure.

True? False?

Haven't been down to the airport in a while so I haven't been able to check myself.
How about Jetstreams too? The airplanes I flew only had a curtain to separate the cabin from the cockpit. I used to leave it open because the freon air conditioning outlet (if it wasn't deferred) was in the rear of the cabin. Otherwise it used to get really hot up front. I also didn't mind that the front row pax got a view too. Many of them would thank me for letting them watch.

Now we're going to be locked behind Kevlar doors with our Taser guns and crash axes ready for any nut case who might try to enter. Without sounding like some old fart, I long for the good old days....
I would have to say false

I fly 1900s in a 121 environment. A few weeks ago someone took measurements during a turn and said that new doors were being made.
I was curious to see if the airlines are getting some type of funding for the new doors?

The airline i was with had B1900Ds and it was common procedure that we always had the sliding doors open so the pax wouldn't be as freaked out. I guess now, the pax will be sitting in the back even more freaked out if they see a bank vault door and no FA to hold their hands.
Since the cabin will no longer be accessible, I wonder if the FAA will require B1900s to have a Flight attendant now.
cockpit doors on the 1900

Not sure what Lakes, CHQ, Air Midwest and all the other part 121 B1900 folks are doing, but Skyway installed mirrors so the cockpit crew can monitor what's going on in back -- I think the new doors are due to be installed, but I'm not sure. They are receiving funding, at least partially, from the government for this.

And, as far as I know, no plans to put F/A's in B1900's...

Take care, hope this helps...

-brew3departure (furloughed...ugh).

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