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Awesome Video

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I think I've flown with these guys before!!!!!

Quite interesting the amount of sideload those planes can handle-I had no idea!!
WTF!!! A little beyond the xwind limit?!! Especially from the 3rd landing on! I guess it depends on which way the wind is coming from as to who lands the airplane since the downwind pilot cant even see the runway with that much crab...
Fantastic machine

What can you say about Boeing except that they make a fantastic machine.

The freaky part about landing an airplane of that size in a crab is that the cockpit needs to be situated over the runway edge to keep the mains on the centerline. :eek:
If I'm not mistaken, the text is Portuguese. I think it read "Holy Schnikies!!!"
Where were they doing this at? And why? Is that x-wind certification stuff? That would be so cool to do!
I didn't recognize any of those airlines. :D

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