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AWAC flying for united again

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Word is 4 or 5 flown past April 2006. Who knows what will happen.
United seems to be having trouble solving the Aspen flying past April 2006.
I've also heard the response was "thanks but we'll fly 10 or none". No proof of that but it did make me chuckle.
I heard that United wanted to purchase the BAe146's from AWI. Of course, I don't think they are in a position to do so considering there are pilots taking major pay cuts.

I also was under the impression the G0jets was going to to pick up the ASE routes and this is why they went with the Larger engines.

Looking at UAL schedule over the next 2 months the BAe146 is being phased out of ASE and Mesa is picking up the routes with a Dash 8. I'm sure this will hurt UAL's business out of ASE, because the BAe146 were usually pretty full with families and their Ski equipment.

I wish all of the AWI guys the best of luck!
What does bigger engines have to do with a single engine departure procedure and the maneuvering of a 700 on one engine?

Seriously, does a bigger allow a 700 to fly slower on one engine? Isn't that what the benefit of the 146 is?

A White pilot.

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