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AWA CASS this Tuesday, Aug 16

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May 12, 2004
AWA will be CASS operational on Tuesday, August 16.

Please remember to bring a passport if you wish to ride our FLIGHTDECK jumpseat. Your airline must be CASS approved.

All of our Airbus 319/320's have 2 (two) cockpit jumpseats, most of the 737's have two, and most of the 757's have two seats.

The gate agent will print a cass authorization from the printer. Bring it to the Captain with your passport, medical, license, and company ID.

Happy Jumpseating!!!

We still take unlimited cabin jumpseats on all our flights.
Where did you here this? I just looked at the MEC website and as of August 12 they still say the end of August for CASS.
Came out in email from J.B. this morning
Is there an order of priority for the jumpseat now ie. first cactus guys then offline guys?

Does it take any time to get into the data base for other airlines - could I walk up to southwest on the 17th and ride up front?
Of course it will be cactus guys first on a cactus airplane. What airline doesn't take thier own guys first??

Although...I did jumseat on us (AWA) a few years back and the gate agent put a Southwest guy on in front of me. Believe me, she won't make that mistake again.
Caution, folks. Expect there to be plenty of teething problems. For OAL commuters don't count on the cockpit JS until we've seen the system work.

For all CASS pilots just a reminder: there's a computer paper trail. Y'all be careful out there.
Kool Deal! Another way around!:D

Here's my current CASS list:

1. Airborne Express

2. Alaska Airlines

3. Astar Air Cargo (DHL)

4. Atlas Air

5. AMR Carriers (AA/Eagle)

6. America West Airlines

7. Continental Airlines

8. Federal Express

9. Horizon Air

10. Jet Blue

11. Northwest Airlines

12. Pinnacle Airlines

13. Polar Air Cargo

14. United Airlines

15. United Parcel Service

16. Mesaba

17. Midwest Express

18. Delta Airlines

19. Southwest Airlines

20. American Trans Air

Miss Anyone??
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