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Avolar Hiring

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My understanding is that they have been interviewing, but not sure what the schedule is like. Currently they have been looking at furloughed UAL guys. So far UAL-MEC reports 15 have been hired. Hopefully they will take more guys in the coming weeks.
do you have to give up senority number with UAL
Avolar interviews

I called this afternoon, and was simply told that resumes are currently being "looked at" and "expect a call". The woman I spoke with was not even sure if interviewing or hiring had even started.
phone number?

I sent in my resume on line. I've never seen a phone number. Could you pass that number along?
She did not. However, simply based on this being a "startup" company, they will need to hire jet captains and experienced one's at that. I would suspect 5000 to 6000 tty w/ plenty of jet and jet pic.

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