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Avolar Hiring

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New member
Nov 25, 2001
wondering . Have anyone being interview by Avolar? I haven`t heard anything lately...
My understanding is that they have been interviewing, but not sure what the schedule is like. Currently they have been looking at furloughed UAL guys. So far UAL-MEC reports 15 have been hired. Hopefully they will take more guys in the coming weeks.
do you have to give up senority number with UAL
Avolar interviews

I called this afternoon, and was simply told that resumes are currently being "looked at" and "expect a call". The woman I spoke with was not even sure if interviewing or hiring had even started.
phone number?

I sent in my resume on line. I've never seen a phone number. Could you pass that number along?
She did not. However, simply based on this being a "startup" company, they will need to hire jet captains and experienced one's at that. I would suspect 5000 to 6000 tty w/ plenty of jet and jet pic.
Any rumors on what effect a spinoff would have on pilots? Are pilots going to be represented by ALPA? Will pilots be offered openings at mainline when they open up? Seniority system at Avolar tied to United? I heard starting pay for Captain @ 145,000 and FO @ 95,000. And that ALPA has signed on for support of operation. Also plan is to use United mainline FA's.
From what I have heard is that they are going to TRY and give the furloughed UAL guys first look. I am not sure if that is what they are actually doing but the UAL-MEC has confirmed that they have hired 15 UAL furloughed guys that DO NOT have to resign seniority.

I am guessing that this venture between United and Avolar will remain independant for sometime. ALPA has agreed to it in the sense that ALPA which represents over 10,500 UAL guys has not contested the idea of Avolar's ideas and future plans. I think that JAN and FEB is going to be when they start there main push for hiring since they need to get guy/gals trained and in position to launch in April 2002.

Again this is mere speculation. Rumors that you hear around the crew lounge. So keep sending those resumes in there, and keep updating the message board with your findings as I plan to do.

Good Luck!
Hey thanks for the info! Just sitting here trying to decide if it is worth the risk of leaving a Fortune 100 for a start-up. It would help me decide if Avolar gave some type of link to United, in case they folded. Oh well, I guess yas rolls the dice and takes yas chances. Thanks for the intel. Would appreciate updates as progress is made. Good luck!
I was wondering where you got the information on the pay scales.
I have not heard that being an Avolar pilot will be a foot in the door for United. I wouldn't hink it would, but the experience should be worthwhile since it'll operate under part 121.
Besides as a start up with your hours you should rise to Capt quickly and at the pay that you're suggesting, you'd probably be living comfortably on Avolar pay.
Good Luck.
Not sure where that pay scale info came from, but a couple months ago in one of the industry magazines (can't remember if it was Pro Pilot or AIN) the guy interviewed from Avolar stated that they plan to have an average expense per pilot of $95,000. This "expense" was to include salary and benefits, but not training expenses.

I would guess this would put first officer salary in the $45,000 range and Captain salary in the $75,000 range... Which is a bit above other fractionals.
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