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Average Ages of Pilots

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Jun 13, 2005
Knowing that 51% of CAL Pilots are going to meet that mandatory retirement within the next 10 years I was wondering if anyone knew anything else about any of the other majors? Also if there is any information on the average age for the Regional Pilots currently? Just made me wonder what the face of aviation looks like these days!
The face of aviation? Have you ever seen Satan?:angryfire I have, and he had wings and big engines. He took my money and said I might have a shot at a flying career. Man, I'm gullible.
Without starting another thread, I have a question.

If 51% of CAL pilots will retire in the next 5-10 years, that means they will be doing a good amount of hiring. What about the other majors. If they will see retirement rates similiar to CAL, does this mean they will begin recalling many of their furloughees at some point? I realize it is hard to speculate, especially with UAL, NWA and DAL being in BK, but assuming they emerge from BK, when will we see them recall and eventually hire? Any opinions on this? I know some opinions are better than others on the situation, but for someone looking to enter the industry in several years, I'm just curious.

I know the industry has gone through this type of thing before and entered another "upturn", and hiring boom, but I'm just trying to see if you all expect that at some point again, in the future.
The latest figures I've got for Delta as of 9/15/05 ( like it really matters now ):

age 50-55: 999 pilots

age 55+: 236 pilots

If there's still an airline there when the dust settles, it'll have a pretty young pilot group.
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Now that was funny!



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