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Average 402 Pay

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
What is the average pay for scheduled single pilot commuter operation requiring an ATP????? Or Average pay for any operation flying the 402 requiring an ATP???
ClippedWings said:
Anyone know what the pay is for Yellow Air Taxi, Florida Coastal Airlines, Air Sunshine, ect.......

was asst chief at yellow air and calypso. I helped them start out before I got burnt out of 135

At yellow air got paid $40.00

at calypso ...now calypso twin air got paid $50.00 plus salary :) :) which was niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice

will have a better time at air flight charters. my 1st 135. all private charters...will get tipped a lot and great flying any other questions gimmie a call

stay away from FCA and air sunshine

air sunshine is the one who lost their bahamas operating cert b/c of a crash where the pilot didnt have enough life jakets on board. 2 people drowned, 1was a bahamaian (which is prob why they lost) air sunshine had to do private charters to the bahamas. i think they got their cert. back but stay away man. FCA is a pos operation. knew soime pilots that worked there while i was at yellow and calypso and hated life. go with air flight....gold aviation (dolphin atlantic), sky limo to name a few

twin air is good also.....yellow air and claypso are good.

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