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AVBuGS Advetures and insights

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Avbugs advetures and experiences

  • Who wants avbug to write a book?

    Votes: 111 43.7%
  • Who doesn't want avbug to write a book?

    Votes: 31 12.2%
  • Who doesn't care if he writes a book?

    Votes: 104 40.9%
  • Who wiil support him financially if he writes the book?

    Votes: 18 7.1%

  • Total voters


AVBuGS Adventures and insights

Who wants avbug to write a book?

Who doesn't want avbug to write a book?

Who doesn't care if avbug writes a book?

Finally, who would support avbugs book finacially?
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Write a book

I think it would be great if he wrote a book.

It'll be in the fantasy section.

Please stop flying first.
Avbug book

He should write three books; an autobiography, a novel and a textbook!

PS-Screenplays for a movie and TV show, too!
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I think it would be great if he wrote a book.

It'll be in the fantasy section

More like the fiction section. I don't doubt that this guy's a pilot but I think his stories are a bit exaggerated. I have a friend who's been doing the same type of flying Avbug claims to be doing out of Greybull (sp?) Wyoming and after he read some of Avbug's posts all he could do was laugh. I'm not saying everything he's posted on this board is a farse but it has more entertainment value than anything else. Avbug, it's time to put away the copy of Always dude.
childrens section

childrens section..
Actually if you read his posts he is quite vague about the specifics of his flying. I guess he is a pilot but mainly a mechanic, flies mainly light aircraft, and possibly has been thrown a bone in letting him fly the Dromader M18T SEAT. He won't post his PIC in Heavy tankers as he makes it sound he has some(maybe he has some FE time).
Seems as though there are probably not too many Dromader M18T SEAT's in action so if there is one in greybull your buddy probably knows avbug and laughed because he knew him.
He posts not only on this boad but on others as well. Loooks like he puts up over 10 LENGTHY posts a day. Recently he threatened to kick Clownpilots aZZ up around his shoulders because he was real good at it. I am sure I will be next, might be an improvement on my looks, who knows.
Guess I wouldn't be too suprized if thought this was a model airplane board and just got a little confused...
I am reviewing old ultimate fighting championship videos and WWF lineups for any butt kickers named AVBUG.

There are many people that write posts for these boards. Few convey the passion that Avbug does for his profession.

There are others, Surplus 1 as example, that also write in clear and concise manner, expressing clearly what is not only a vocation but a advocation.

This afternoon I had the opportunity to talk with one of the Murray brothers. We talked of people --- Connie Kalitta, Mike Goldburg, Tom Christopher, George Batchleor, Zantops, and others. We talked of DC8's, Electras, Volpars, and auto parts.

Earlier I had talked with another friend of Ag Cats with Pt6 engines, GPS, night vision, and montains in Columbia. There was taking some planes back from Africa, airfields in southern Honduras, firefighting, and other places with no names.

There are people on these boards that have been there. There are others that mock, that make fun of them. They lust for that commercial airline job making the big bucks. They fly planes, they are not aviators.
I don't fly out of GEY, but I did work there once, and yes, I had some FE time there. However, my time was primarily pilot time in the PB4Y-2, and C-130A. A little time in the P2V-7, and other misc aircraft, but not enough at any one time to be significant. I was also a mechanic there in the Part 145 repair station, and an inspector for the same.

If the buddy who works at GEY is a pilot for H&P and has any experience, he will be compelled to agree with everything I've written; it's from experience, and it's no exaggeration.

There are quite a few Dromader M18's out there doing SEAT work; it's the most common SEAT aircraft. However, there are only a couple with turbine engines, and I was fortunate enough to land one this year.

Getting a SEAT position is a lot harder than getting a heavy position. I've done both (this being my first SEAT year), and I know. There are no SEAT aircraft at GEY; they tried it once and the effort failed.

Gsrc, since you're such an expert, do you happen to hold an initial attack card, yourself? Didn't think so. How about your buddy?

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