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Author (Jay A. Stout) Needs Help

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Well-known member
Jan 2, 2002
My name is Jay Stout. I'm a retired fighter pilot and also a writer and historian. I specialize in aviation history and have had several books produced by such publishers as Random House, Zenith, Casemate, Pacifica and the Naval Institute Press. I'm currently under contract to write a book focused on World War II aerial operations against Germany.

I am looking for contact information for American World War II vets who served as airmen (any type of aircraft or crew position) in the fight over Europe. If anyone knows any of these gentlemen who might be interested in being interviewed for the book, I would greatly appreciate contact information. Additionally, I'd certainly welcome the opportunity to correspond with German airmen.

Further, I'd very much welcome the chance to review unpublished memoirs or stories from those veterans who may have passed on. Likewise, I'm looking for previously unpublished photographs (digital please, no originals).

I cannot pay for material or interviews but will gladly provide participants or contributors a free copy of the finished book upon publication.

My e-mail address is:

[email protected]

Best regards,
Jay A. Stout
Mr. Stout,

Don't have any contacts for you, sorry. But I do want to let all who read this that after working with you in Kingsville I can vouch for your professionalism and patriotism. Hope others will take a moment to assist in your endeavor and be assured your work will represent the stories of our WWII vets with honor and respect.

Keep the faith.
There are a lot of fighter/bomber/airlift group associations out there. You might find quite a large group of folks there.
The 8Th Air Force Museum in Savanna, GA would be a good place to start. They have a quarterly magazine that has lots of storytellers. I fly a B-17 for the Yankee Air Museum, I run across these vets all the time. Their stories are captivating. A quick one, last summer I had one in the B-17, a former pilot. We put him in the left seat, first time since 1945. He had a big smile, then after about 3 minutes his eyes started moisten, and he asked me to take the controls. He quickly left the seat. After the flight I asked him what had happened. He said it brought back too many memories of friends killed on the B-17, including his top turret gunner and when he looked over his shoulder from the left seat it brought back that sight of his dead gunner. Those stories need to be told, best of luck in your efforts.
dont have anything on europe but if you ever need anything on the pacific, specifically Taffy 3 and Leyte Gulf (battle off samar etc), i have hours of taped interviews i did with my uncle (pilot with VC3) i got before he passed. Good luck and thanks for keeping their legacy alive. .Appreciation for their sacrifice is withering as fast as they are leaving us.
Try the Air Force Gunners Association. gunners.net You might be able to get in touch with the historian. I think it is Bud Gantz. Ill have to pull out a newsletter to find out. There are a lot of WWII gunners in the Assoc. Well less and less each month. Good luck
I forwarded your post to a friend whose father was (a gunner) shot down over France, saved and hidden out, then repatriated to our troops. He had two reunions with that family before he passed away. I think it's a great story -- hopefully, they'll be in touch.

Best wishes

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