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ATP Written Question

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"There I was...."
May 5, 2005
It has been a while since I was an official on these kinds of things, so I'll see if someone else knows....

I took my ATP written nearly 2 years ago, before I got hired at the regional I'm flying for now. It is clear to me that my upgrade time is years off. Will my ATP written be good until then, or since I took the written before going to the airline will I have to take it again?
If you were within 24 months of your hire date of taking the written you should be good to go. Your initial and recurrent training keeps your written current until your upgrade comes, which hopefully will be sooner than later:)


ex-Navy Rotorhead
Its still good. When you upgrade with your present carrier, now or in several years, it is still good. Levae to another carrier after 2 years from taking the written and its void.

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