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ATP Seminole Fleet Grounded

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Jan 20, 2009
Just got word from a friend who went for his checkride today that the fleet is grounded due to an uncomplied AD on the Seminole. He has yet to fly and might not more news to follow. Apparnantly a fleet mechanic made some kind of mistake. Any ideas what AD might not have been complied with?
When I went to ATP for my multi the planes seemed fine, but then again how much can you really see in 4 days.
Haha well get this my friend had his DPE on the phone with the owner of ATP and they argued back and forth over the situation. Apparantly this DE knows the Seminole quite well and asked to see the MX logs and this is where it all began. I'm just posting this because I wan't to know what AD specifically asks for the oil to be changed every 50 hours. Once again from what my friend says the ATP fleet mechanic overlooked this apparantly and had the oil changed every 100 hours. So someone chime in!
BTW of course ATP is going to say their fleet is up to standard and safe lol. Like I said I had no problems with the place I got my money's worth out of it just simply asking for which AD it asks for.
Well the ALL ATPS fanboys came out of the wood works when I posted this over on Jetcareers.com in the ALL ATPS section.


A modlocked the thread, hid the thread, and changed the name, then unlocked it, and moved it to the General Topics area where EVERY DORK with a free screen name chimed in like they were steely eyed granite chinned sky gods.

Check it out if you are bored. You too Wang Chung, I see you passing through!

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How many of us check AD's that seem as minute as this? Another reason to be more knowledgable on our aircraft. I can forsee myself making this same mistake and the finger will point to the pilot not the owner God forbid something were to happen. So folks know your airplanes inside and out is the motto of the story.

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