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ATP Schools Flight and Oral ATP Check

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Nov 9, 2002
I am interested in what the ATP (Airline Transport Professionals Inc.) flight and oral normally consists of. Is it a rehash of the FAA ATP written or does it primarily cover answering their little seminole supplement and doing the air work and flight check. I took the written about 15 months ago and need to do the practical.

freightdog (who does not fly jets yet!)
I did my private multi through them. All they gave me was their study guide which was good, but my examiner asked me a lot of questions that were not found in there. He was not impressed but I passed. Couldn't tell 'ya about the ATP, but if you go there be sure to buy a seminole POH and not rely on what they give you
I did my ATP thru ATP Inc this summer and I have nothing but good things to say about the company...however I have heard bad stories too. I would just research the base you want to do your training at to be on the safe side. Some apparently are good, others not so good.
As far as the training, they stick to the supplement/PTS for the flight training. Sometimes it may be tailored to the particular examiner that is used, because as we all know every examiners has their quirks and preferences. Questions on the oral are pretty standard- out of the PTS and POH as well as general things you should know at the ATP level. Do not expect questions to be verbatim from the supplement, just prepare accordingly and everything will be fine. I did the 4 day course with no problems, starting off with the written.

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