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ATP ride count for 135 ride?

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Nov 29, 2001
my company's other pilot asked to work one of my days last week and I agreed. it turns out my annual 135 ride was that day!

the FAA inspector (who showed up and i wasn't there, but i hadn't been told either) is going to oklahoma for a couple weeks and then we'll reschedule.

i know i have a month grace period, but i also passed an ATP check ride about 10 months ago - does my 135 cargo currency expire 12 months from my ATP ride (or 12 months from my last 135 check) ?

Your ATP ride has nothing to do with currency, unless you were using it as a BFR. Your 135 ride is when currency begins for your job.
Currency ride v. certification ride

The issue turns on currency under the flight rules under which you're operating. Although the rides are similar, you could have gotten your ATP on your own with a DE. The 135 ride is for operations under that FAR. That's the ride that matters for you to keep flying for your job. Of course, the ATP is important.
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As Bobby and SDD pointed out, the taking of the ATP practical is insufficient to comply with the requirements of 14 CFR 135.293 and 135.297. However, if the practical was conducted by a company check airman, and the check airman completed your form 8410 to show compliance with 135.293/.297, the experience may be counted.

The bottom line is what was done paperwork-wise with the practical. Certainly the two can be counted together, but you can't go back and try to backdate the paperwork to show that you received a certificate proficiency ride then.

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