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ATP question

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I am currently flying a corporate Cheyenne 400LS and hold a commercial certificate. I also fly some twin Cessnas on a 135 certificate on days off. About three months ago I took the ATP written as it is a requirement for a regional airline I was very interested in. I had planned on sitting on the written until I was able to upgrade to captain at this airline, but with the current pace of hiring in the airline industry, I think I may go ahead and prep for the ATP practical. My question is this: Should I take the ATP ride in the Cheyenne (turbine) or wait for my next 135 ride and take it then (piston aircraft)? Does anyone (airlines) care what aircraft I take the ATP ride in? Will the question ever come up on an interview/application? Thanks for any and all response.

I agree. I have even met a couple of pilots who took the ATP practical in a Single Engine aircraft, just to keep from having to take the written again. Then when they upgraded at an airline, the multi ATP was added on during the checkride. It also makes their certificate look a bit different. Just pick the easiest and/or cheapest aircraft to take the test in. Remember, a lot of military/airline guys go to ATP Inc and take the test in a Seminole. Makes no difference whatsoever. Good luck to you.
ATP Practical

You have an excellent idea about taking the ATP practical during your next 135 ride. The 135 covers most of what's on the ATP ride. You've already taken a 135 ride so you know basically what to expect. I don't recall offhand if you have to do the steep turns on a 135. Great idea! Along with getting your letter you'll get the certificate, and for free.

Good luck with the practical.
right on!...take it on your next 135 ride, free ratings are great! Just to add it makes no difference which written you take either. If you know 135 regs well, take the 135 written. An ATP is an ATP is an ATP. Good luck.
ATP Question

Thanks for all the info guys, I appreciate it. Off to hit the books!

Thanks again,


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