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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2002
I am hoping that someone who has done this can give me the quick answer. I have an ATP ME Land, and would like to get a ATP SE sea. The PTS for the ATP has no "Additional Rating Task Table" like there is in the COM PTS (At least there is none in the one I downloaded from the FAA site).

I have read FAR 61.165 which addresses this situation, but it states that you must do all the major tasks areas, and nothing else.

Hopefully someone has done this, and knows if you must do an entire FULL checkride, or do you just have to do certain Tasks. I would imagine the check ride would be all the things for a Com Sea, and a couple of approaches in the Seaplane, maybe a precision, Non-precision, and a circling.

Any help from experience would be appreciated.
Not gonna be much experience with that one floatin' around. The best thing is to find and call the an examiner who can do an ATP SE and ask what he wants.
It has been a while since I did mine. I would call down to Jack Brown's Seaplane base to find out for sure.


My "guess" is you would have to do the whole thing.

Good Luck-


Not sure that I really understnd your question so if my answer turns out sounding dumb, it's not my fault! Just kidding.

I also had a ATP MEL and picked up my float rating via a COM-SES. This ride consisted up the appropriate water work, stalls, steep turns and a few other misc. items of no serious consequence. No instrument work what-so-ever. Then I moved on and got a ATP-MES. This ride was all of the above plus several instrument approaches, single engine work etc.

Jack Brown is well known along with Kenmore in Seattle. Suggest you call either of them for the final solution to your question.

Hope this helps,
cheater1239 said:
mine was a complete ATP ride...

What rating did you get, ATP-SES? MES? If it was an ATP anything, then yes of course there would be the instrument work involved.
What aircraft / operation would require an ATP SES? Commercial SES should be fine I would think. Pretty easy add-on if you have the airplane and examiner handy (oh and water).
The pertinent section is 61.165 Additional Category and CLass Ratings under Part G, Airline Transport Pilots.

61.165(e) addresses addional class ratings. You would need to meet all the eligibility requirements of 61.153 (which you already have) EXCEPT the need to pass a written. You would need to fulfill the requirements of 61.157(b) ONLY if the aircraft in question required a type rating. You already meet the aeronautical experience under Part G, so the only thing left is the practical test per 61.157(e)(1) appropriate to the rating sought.
Which, building on what Andy said, consists only of those items that are class related, as you already hold the category for that certificate level. In other words, the examiner could only require you to demonstrate instrument skills and water skills, and be done, with you having already acomplished everything else. However, in most cases, the examiner will require (and has the discretion to require) that you demonstrate full ATP competency in the aircraft. He or she may select whatever requirements from the practical test standards that he or she deems necessary to ensure that adequate representation of the various tasks has been accomplished to prove that you meet the requirements.

Why, may I ask, are you seeking ATP single engine privileges...of all things, in a seaplane? Commercial sea will more than suffice. I'm not trying to discourage you...seek all the training you can handle or afford, by all means. But what benifit is to be gained for higher certification than the commercial for single engine sea?

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