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ATIS Auctioneer?!

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David Clark

§ 61.109 (i)
Jan 25, 2006
I'd like to request that those of you recording ATIS broadcast to please do so at a rate that can be hand copied in it's entirety without having to listen to it more than once.

It seems like no matter where I fly every ATIS broadcast is done by the Micro Machines salesman. If I were a student pilot paying for my flight time, it's cool. However, I am not. I'm required to hand copy all non D-ATIS broadcast. It sucks to have to listen to it three or four times to copy everything.

Any help would be appreciated.

How about ----- Learn to write faster

Ouch!!! I am in the category also of just getting the wind down when they are already on notams!! Of course I have a hard time listening...well at least that is what my wife says.
it blows, I mean blows, when they read the notams so slowly but speed through the weather. Stop reading the notams like you are sitting in your underwear next to the fireplace dictating some boring a$$ novel about aviation. It is painful enough to listen to you once, I assure you it is not that interesting.
Use Shorthand.

Atis information Alpha time 2155 Zulu, winds 270 at 8 knots, visibility 3 statute miles, skies few at one thousand, broken at two thouand, temparture 7, dew point 4, ILS runway 26 approach in use. NOTAMS, birds in the vicinity, read back all hold short clearances, advise on initial contact you have information Alpha.

Turns into;

21 A 27/8 3sm 10 - 20 X. ILS 26. VVV

For ceilings I use a circle with a horizontal line for few, circle with a vertical line through it for scattered, circle with two vert lined for broken, and a circle with an X through it for overcast.

The V's are birds cause handwritten they look like birds. You could probably drop that one.

Hope it helps.
Oops, I forgot temp / dew point.

It would be:

21 A 27/8 3SM 7/4 10 - 20 X ILS26 VVV
ALPA had a long fight with the FAA back in the 70's to get dew point included in the then new ATIS format. Their argument was that moisture content was a critical element to weather comprehension.

With that said, any element you don't think is important, feel free to not write it down.

Oh, and the winds are 270 at 8kts.

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