May 17, 2002
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Actually, it doesn't really matter whether they have a 141 or a 61. Part 61 actually gives you and your instructor more freedom to concentrate on your weak areas and not repeat things that you have a grasp on which is kinda a waste of time and money. As far as not having airlines, that is completely untrue. You have gotten some bad information sir. Currently ATA has hiring contracts (bridge programs) with American Eagle, ACA, Skywest, Horizon and Pinnacle Airlines. True, things are a little slow in the hiring process right now, but it's that way industrywide. I just graduated from ATA and would recomend it to anyone. I would also recommend checking out Comair and FSI. Both are very good schools.


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May 22, 2002
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Read them and they all say the very same thing bla bla bla , they all have some type of agreements with other airlines , come on the the air carriers are not stuipd they love having some one else do the screening for them that is why they all say the same thing.

THINK before you leap, and remember no matter how you want to look at it it is a SALES PITCH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. based on what type of goal or dream you may have.



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Nov 26, 2001
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Flight school ads

Flight school ads that promise airline connections are mostly bogus. Exceptions would be Mesa and Comair, because both, one way or another, offer the chance that you can get an interview. Note my emphasis. Even then, I'd take them with a grain of salt.

I would say that Mesa will deliver the interview to most people as long as they do well and do not screw the pooch. Based on my experience with MAPD, and this is G-d's honest truth as I see it, is you have to go a long way to mess up your chance for "the interview." You have to maintain a B average in your flight courses. If you have what it takes, you can do it. You have to meet all your deadlines. That is a challenge, but can be done.

One thing you have to work at to screw up your Mesa interview opportunity is antagonizing people. If you are friendly and cooperative, you won't antagonize people. Strange thing, I had at least one student who was more successful at antagonizing people than with the program. This fellow wasn't really a bad pilot and was going to school for free on the G.I. Bill. He could have just about have written his own ticket at Mesa if he wanted to.

Don't place much stock in other claims of airline connections at schools. Your best connection will be networking with instructors and your classmates. They can do more for you by walking in a resume to H.R. than can any school's placement department.

Good luck with choosing the school for you.