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ATA Sticker

Apr 15, 2004
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Q: I have one of these stickers on the back of my Bentley, and it looks great! I thought mailing you this sticker was a generous gift in exchange for you allowing me to destroy your career, to destroy all that you had worked so hard to build, and to suck the love of flying out of your very being. I think this was a fair return on your investment, and I think a little gratitude on your part would go a long way. It is exactly your mentality that has forced my beloved airline in Bankruptcy. It is all your and the rest of the ATA Pilot's fault! You should be happy to have a job, and not worry about how much you are being paid, or worry about having health insurance, or worry about supporting your family. Remember when you used to fly Cessnas for fun? Why should flying a B737-800 with 175 passengers across the country be any different...you should be paying me! (Oh yeah...you did pay me) Well, I want more, and my comrade Judge Basil Lorch is going to see to it that you pay me more!

A: OUTSTANDING!!!! I love it!!!! That one million you just got approved by the court should come in handy. Come on George, help a brother out!!! Buy another sticker!!! Free shipping!!!!

Hawaiians call ATA Atta, but yeah, that's a bad word.
Q: I've have heard of the Atta Jets, but have not seen one. I cannot find them on the internet neither. How fast can they go underwater??? I might be interested in your sticker if you provide more information on the Atta Jet!

A: mvaughan: Well, I hope I can help you out here. ATA jets (you spelled it wrong, it is ATA, not Atta, Atta is a bad word in aviation circles.) anyway, these ATA jets have been flying all over the world for the past 30+ years, quite safely I might add. They are crewed by a highly motivated group of men and women who want nothing more than to get the job done as quickly and safely as possible, and then get home to the families they love. As far as going underwater, the engines on these ATA jets are not content with burning water with their fuel, they prefer to have air to mix with the fuel, if you were to put one of these ATA jets into the water (and I hope I am not with you when you do!!!!) best of luck to you, my guess is that it will rapidly decelerate from water entry speed to a standstill in a relatively short time, but it WILL get washed in the process. If I could offer a suggestion, instead of taking the ATA jets into the water, just point it at some green on the ND and you can pretend to be underwater and you could even sound a klaxon and holler "DIVE DIVE". Just don't holler too loudly, you do not want to alarm your passengers.
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A simpler time...
Mar 27, 2003
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George is selling his house. Any takers? Come on, it's got it's own helipad, putting green and tennis courts (unlighted). I'll stop by later and get one of those flyers out of the box and post it so some of you could make an informed decision.TC