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ATA Parks a few Tri-Stars

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Active member
May 25, 2002
Hey Brad or 757Drvr,

Whats your take on what has been going on the past week or so? Lindskoogs weekly message talked about parking the airplanes, but there was no mention of the class of new hires being sent home from training. They told us that we would be put into a 737 class in mid to late Sept....but I'll believe it when I'm sitting in Marietta!

Its all Ken's fault.
Well, to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. One day we're told all is well, the next day we're manning the lifeboats.

I don't know what's going to happen. I was suprised you were put into an L10 class, as most of us TriStar pilots haven't been flying much (I've flown 8 hours this month and 5 of that was volunteer overtime). My guess is that crew planning and staffing figured that a lot of pilots would bail from the L10 and they were going to have you guys ready to take their place. Also, there is a planned increase of military flying that is scheduled to begin in October and I guess they didn't want to get caught short of pilots.

Hopefully, ATA will still take delivery of the remaining Boeings scheduled for this year, and that these airplanes can absorb those that will be displaced from the TriStar and your class of new hires.

IMHO It doesn't look good for any more hiring in the near future.

Good luck to you and the guys in your class. I know it must be tearing you up inside and I truely wish you well. Hope to see you on the property again soon.

Hey Brad,

Let me clarify...we were not furloughed. We are still on the payroll. I keep hearing that the 737s are severely understaffed so as long as they don't park any of them, I assume we will still be put through training. Or maybe I'm just being overly optomistic!
They are only parking 3 L-1011s. One is due for D-check so its big bucks to get them back on line.

They did say that things could change anytime. Especially if we go start something over in the sand box.
Well, I checked the delivery schedule for the rest of the year. Unless ATA can get Boeing to suspend or delay deliveries, Five more 737s and one more 757-300 should be delivered before the end of the year. What the company plans to with these airplanes who knows. Especially with the announcement that it's reducing flights to several cities.

So if these six airplanes are delivered and the company can keep them flying, they should more than offset the pilot displacements from the retiring L1011s.

Finally, glad to hear ATA has kept you on the payroll. Hopefully you'll be back in class soon.
Wasn't me big guy!


We all know who cursed your class with the doom and gloom predictions.

Do the Al dance!!

See ya

Hey Speedbird, where did you fly the 707? If Robins was it E-8 or EC-137?

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