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ATA interviews

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Master of the Cowbell
Dec 11, 2001
Does anyone have info on whether ATA is interviewing or hiring??? Thanx
Parked 72's

The three holer's were parked prior to 9/11 and the only "pilots" furloughed were FE's. I am not certain but some FE's were hired as FO's if they met ATP mins and all FE's were given preferential hiring status if they could aquire the ATP flight hours within a certain time frame.

I do not know ATA's current hiring status, but they are recieving at least one (maybe two, not sure) 73-800 a month and 10 75-300's in 02. They are gonna need someone to fly all of those ugly painted new planes.
Company Plans For 2002:

After some retirements (remaining 727's and a few L10's) and deliveries (five 757-300's and a bunch of 737-800's) we will have a "net" gain on the fleet list of 9 airplanes by the end of 2002.

The base structure is being realligned as such:

L1011 - JFK, LAX, IND
757 - MDW, IND, SFO, LAX (SFO and LAX are for the Hawaii service with the -300's)
737 - MDW, IND

We are currently keeping eight 727's flying through Spring because of Charter flying picked up from Sun Country's demise.

Contract talks have entered the mediation stage. Expect that issue to come to a head sometime this year.

They will have to hire for the net gain of 9 aircraft (approximately 100 or so).
So how did ALPA take care of the ATA pilots? Some things the ALPOphiles would love to burry and forget! JUST LIKE YOU
Your are right.

ALPA has no power to changes FASB rules that operating income has to exceed debt service.

Maybe ALPA can change the sunset to the East and rise in the West while they are working on FASB too!

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