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ATA Application on its way! Wish me luck

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Cabin Heating & Air Tech.
Jun 5, 2002
Well, its done. <phew!>

I had hoped to have it completed faster but I wanted to make very sure that I gave each essay question a great deal of thought.

Then I made a copy of the entire application, filled it out completely, and made certain that my essays would neatly fit in the space provided.

Finally, this morning, I carefully filled out the "actual" application and put it in the mail.

I'll have my fingers crossed that I will hear something from them soon. Wish me luck!

Furloughed US Airways
(and yes, I'll happily resign my seniority for ATA)
I sent mine in last week; I agree it was very difficult to write a coherent essay answer in the space provided. They may need a microscope to read my writing. If they grade on neatness I think you'll get the call before me!

After talking with another ATA employee, I typed the answers to the essay questions on my computer and printed them out. On the application section, I just wrote "see attached". Guess it worked alright for me, my interview is in two weeks. Good luck.

Awww geez!!!

Awww man, you've got to be kidding me?

I typed out my responses to those questions first since I type a heck of a lot faster than I write -- edited them on my word processor and then when I had them the way I wanted them, hand-wrote them on the application.

I wrote as neatly as possible but I would much rather have attached the word-processed version. <grin>

Well, congratulations nonetheless. Break a leg! Good luck we're all counting on you! etc...

At least you have an application on the way to ATA. There was no way I could have written the essay questions on the application. They really don't give you enough room. I did hand write the rest of the application. Good Luck. If you get a call, PM me and I'll give you the scoop.

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How long after you sent it did you get the call for the interview?

Is there anything in particular they look for on the applications as selection criteria?

Do you know, by any chance, how much hiring they intend to do?
Hey guys I wish you all luck. I sent my app in on the 23 of June. As far as the essay questions go I did hand write them down but very neatly, I hope. Anyway, I hope we all get called. Take Care.
It took about three weeks from the time my applicatipn went in and the call for the interview. I'm not sure about their hiring plans but I hope to get the "scoop" when I'm out in IND.

As for selection criteria, I'm not sure what they are looking for. I did have two LOR's from ATA pilots and that probably helped. Good luck.

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Did you guys use the mailing envelope they included to send it back to them? I was going to FedEx it but figured if they were nice enough to give me a postage-paid mailer the least I could do was use it.

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