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ASTAR Applications and Interview Prep?

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Blue Skies and Tailwinds!
Feb 28, 2004
Hey ALL!!

Getting prepared for Astar. Going to get the FE written completed and a friend is going to walk my resume into the appropriate folks.

Do you complete an app. prior to the interview or is it completed in the interview?

How have the interviews gone and what's the news from this end on hiring in the future?

Thanks in advance for all your responses.
Anyone??? I hear a possible class in DEC.
I haven't heard of any classes planned till after the first of the year.
Upgrade time would be measured in multiple years from SO to FO, unless there is a miracle, and our fleet is doubled. We've got guys with 6 years that are 90 numbers out from right seat.
There are some retirements, nothing large scale though. No merger with ABX is planned, as far as we know. With both airlines flying for DHL now, it isn't too likely that there will be any additional a/c to allow for new hires.
There hopes of potential hiring at ABX next year. Resumes are being accepted but applications aren't being mailed. Life cycle of a resume is in the two to three months timeframe. This info current as of last Friday; it was passed officially and not generated, amplified and fictionalized at the cafeteria.

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