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ASA to Furlough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My friend there stated he would be displaced, well not yet, if he does not move from his current base. I guess he stated that ASA planes would pick up some western routes. Does this sound right? Man that would suck.
I would imagine if that happens it would be because SKYW makes SLC all SKYW, taking the 70's out there and sending those ASA pilots back to ATL. That would suck, and I'm sure they couldnt train enough people on their side very fast ----- but who knows? That would really suck for all those SLC people, most who just were forced to move up from DFW!
My brother in law is a captain and he overheard the chief pilot say this yesterday.


Who is your brother in law so I can call him and verify it?

that's just BS we are actually gonna grow even more next year we are getting at least 28 CRJ-700's out of the 46 aircraft that were awarded to Skywest-ASA beginning next year. So I figure we are gonna need to hire at least another 200 guys and gals or so for next year to staff those new airplanes. As a matter of fact I was in FSI today in Atlanta and it was bussines as usual they were even interviewing people today and they had a new hire class in basic indoc. They did cancel a few classes next month but only because we are way behind in training and we are short of instructors. They have at least 50 typed captains waiting for IOE plus the sims are going 24hrs and they are still behind in training. Plus the whole Airline is getting Cat 2 qualified and they need extra time to train those guys as well.

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