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ASA route quick reference sheet

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Nov 27, 2001
Can anyone point me to the ASA cheat sheet for the ATL system. I was told
I could print it out from the ALPA board.......is it on the message board
Thanks, O2
Yeah sure - I would like to discuss an navigational "cheat sheet" for a part 121 carrier with you on a public bulletin board three months after ASA got a particularly exacting FAA POI. I understand he has been reviewing year old load manifests for errors, how do you think his reaction would be to your question?

Keep your license, use your JEPPS. Once you get used to keeping them handy it is not too much hassle and you might as well maintain good habits so you sail through your checkrides. They come every six months now.

Even on the jet, the instructors tend to fail the FMS to see how well you do on green needles during line oriented flight training.

Moral of the story is, don't try to find shortcuts. You might not understand some other pilot's short hand notes on an arrival procedure and a relatively junior Captain might not catch your mistake. Make following the procedures a habit.
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Hello.....its a reference aid. Does it replace your jepps? Of course not.
If before a trip I write down all the frequencies I will be using for that trip
It might be considered dilligent, or overkill. But to print out a sheet that
you may use more than once.......now thats dangerous.
Hello ... the frequencies are on your Jepps. The route is on the dispatch release.

Hate to be an jerk, but this is a public board.
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Simma down now....

Hey fins,

Lighten up Francis....It is only a cheat sheet. It says "For reference only" or "Not for Navigation"or something on the front. I hardly think O2 was suggesting that he toss his Jepps in lieu of some stupid cheat sheet. I agree that Jepps are the main source of info, but a little quick reference never hurt either.

If it weren't for "unapproved" cheat sheets, the ATL guys would never find the parking spots when they came to DFW.;)
Believe it or not I actually use my Jepps to find my way around DFW. I did have to make a copy and use colored pencils to draw out all the standard taxi routes....
O2, if memory serves I suggest you poke around and ask some ATR folk in a corner. I'll bet you beers they have one in their bag. They might also explain how you go GNV direct in the ATR.
(Something like "Let's see, that looks like the prison down there, we better come 10 left. . .)

But have the artist formerly known as ~~~^~~~ cover his ears or he might cry.
Thanks all,

I got the old file (the one on ALPA), still looking for the newer version.

Geez fins, you been flying naps again? Lighten up!
O2, you can find it on the ALPA page in the MEC section. It is under downloads and is an Adobe file.
There is one for ATL and one for DFW. It is the most current one... I don't think it's been updated for a long time.

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