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ASA Road show....The truth about passes

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Dec 10, 2001
Well to all the doom and gloomers out there, there has not been a decision on what benefits we will get!!
Passes will change but no one (including our president) knows to what extent. He is WELL aware of how important they are to ALL employees. Also the managers meeting last week was only speculation on what we might get...not FACT.
Insurance will go up slightly and the medical/dental can be enrolled seperately.
No change to the 401 except the possibility of Skywest stock in exchange for the DAL stock.
The rest is intresting but we are talking about airline managers here....
Sinca3 said:
The rest is intresting but we are talking about airline managers here....Cheers
Sinca - don't just leave us in the hold. What "interesting" things were said?

Some of us will not be attending.
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You want the truth?

Here's the truth:

The passes (as well as health insurance and other benefits) will be cut once the company is able to do so without significant effects of attrition.

When will this be?


1) Enough new-hires (hired without any expectation of passes) are in place to fill the gaps....


2) Skywest opens an ATL base and is able to rapidly take over ASA routes.

And that's the truth. You all know it.
They laid out a "blue print" for our success. Everything in the past is in the past...today forward we do things our way. He outlined the contract w/DAL and what we have to do to remain a DCI carrier. Such as remain the 2 lowest cost carrier in the system...and not fall below a certain level of customer satisfaction. Things like that (don't remember all the numbers)!
-Explained that they want a profit sharing plan to spread the wealth in the good times.
-There is a max profit ASA can show and everything over that goes to DAL
-Brian knows how important pass benies are and the negotiations are still in the works.
-50 seat market is saturated and we will not see more than, i think, 4-5 50's in our fleet. Currently 80% of our fleet is 50/40 and 20% 70's. They want to flip that to 80% 70's or larger.
-Want to compete in the 90-100 seat market and be prepared if and when the scope is relaxed. That is where all the growth in the industry is. Especially with DAL shrinking so much in the next few months (73-200 and 76-200 leaving)
That's all I can remember for now. Like I said it was intresting and we are talking about airline managers here. So take what they say with a grain of salt.....Educated people like ourselves can make an educated decision on what they believe is true or not. I would recomend going to one if you get the chance, and ask questions!!!!
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180ToTheMarker said:
Better be prepared to spend your career at ASA then.

I think SkyWest management is preparing to exploit the 90 seat market if the opportunity should arise. Pilots don't make aircraft orders or codeshare deals. Nice jab, but you missed...
Nice jab, but you missed...

Wasn't a jab at you personally, but a jab at all the kids out there who want scope to go away so they can get to fly that "coveted" 100 seater.
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