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Asa Pilots Burn Their Money-no Contract

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Well-known member
Apr 7, 2005
ASA pilots ---Mangmt. does not know that we control most of the cost of the airline...or I should say Chuck does not know. oh wait he is gone!!!!

Lets burn those APUs alot longer!!!
Burn those lights more!!!
Taxi holding the brakes!!!
Taxi both engines!!!

The other route

I am going to give our NEW management the benefit of the doubt and start exercising all those fuel saving initiatives....something I never did under the old regime. Our new owners are already off to a good start by cleaning house at the GO. I'm giving them a couple of months to make some headway on the contract. If I hear from our negotiators that things still aren't changing then I'll go back to 2 engine taxis, riding brakes, APU on, etc.
Taxi while riding the brakes? Thats about the most asinine comment that I've read here. I can understand not being happy with your management, but that kind of behavior is more damaging to your fellow pilots than it will be to managment. Your brethern pilots will be the ones stuck writing needless MELs, taking delays that will impact their quality of life and suffering for fools like yourself.


ex-Navcy Rotorhead
Why do that?

Why on Earth would you even say something like that? I will give our "New" management the benefit of the doubt. In time their true colors will come out. I will not risk my career for stupid stunts like you suggest.
That will show 'em! I am sure once they catch on they will give you more money.

Are you serious??

What in the world would you hope to accomplish?? Not that I mind a little extra job security with all those brake and light bulb changes. Oh, and don't forget the sticker for the APU! :rolleyes:

Good luck in your quest!

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