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ASA open swim

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J bar

Active member
Dec 23, 2001
Any ASA poolies out there that are waiting to hear on a class date? Are ther any guys(gals) waiting to go to the interview that need some heads up? I did my interview at the end of july and got my letter saying I was in the pool 10 days later.
I'm trying to get a heads up on how big the pool is.
PM me I'll help if I can

J bar
Hey man, I would be interested in some insight, I am hoping to get itnerviewed soon, a good friend of mine is taking my stuff into Julie and Loretta. I am going to assume that you fly for AirNow if you are in an E-110. Anyways, I would appreciate some info. The latest I have heard is a class in Oct and continue each month after that, like I said that is only what I have heard. Looking forward to hearing back. CYA

Would love some good news.. My buddy and I are both swimming, interviewed the end of July received the letters a week later.
I'm swimming in the pool also. I interviewed end of July.
ASA pool

I have been in since June 27. Some of the my fellow Interviewies were called for the Aug 5 class. I also spoke w/ Capt Boyd today and she confirmed there is going to be a class on the 7th of OCT. She mentioned it might be larger than what they have been running or run two classes. Both Bases and all aircraft.
Any idea how they fill the classes? And any word on classes beyond October? So ready to move to Atlanta!!!

This Back stroke is killing me !!

Interviewed June 8/9th. Got the letter about 2 weeks later, just waiting. Keep the rumors comin.....
Any of you guys from that interview date out there???
Spoke to Megan-the-intern in recruiting yesterday.

Good news: October class is on...will decide next week who goes. November class "very likely."

Not-so-good news: There is no "first in, first out"; this means someone who just got in the pool today could go to class before someone who's been swimming for months. Also, Megan said there is "about 100" people in the pool right now. Of course I asked her to put my file on top...she just laughed.

Any July 10/11 interviewees out there?

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