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ASA lightning strike that wasn't???

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Smells like....
Mar 7, 2002
The pics are here.


Apparently it was thought to be a lightning strike but really wasn't. Anyone have any info? Electrical fire in the relay panel behind the capt. maybe?
Holy CRAP!
"See, just goes to show you what happens when you believe what a pilot tells you."

We could start a whole new thread on this statement.
Nobody ever said it was a lightning strike

nevermind-I guess the guys on the other forum thought so.
There's another thread on this...fire started after connecting to ground power if I remember in TLH. Only crew on board. Possibly an O2 leak but not definite yet. Fire in circuit breaker panel behind capt. Fun fun.

more "deets" to come.
Is that aircraft a write off or what?

Nahh - some speed tape, a little safety wiring, good as new - might need to recure the windscreen though...

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