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ASA Interviewees........

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Primer oficial
Nov 26, 2001
I was wondering for those of you who have recently interviewed at ASA would tell me what the experience range was in the interview class.
I am a pilot at ASA and am curious. I have taken a friend's resume in with a generous rec several months ago and still no call. This individual is very qualified and not subject to recall, what gives?
Are we only interviewing low-timers or what? It's just odd that a former 121 guy can't even get a call and lower time, CFI's are.

Good Luck and Best Regards

At my interview several weeks back, there were 3 of us that were furloughed from a major, 1 was currently flying at a 121 commuter, and the other 2 were corporate types.

I appreciate you responding to my post. I was just trying to get a feel for what was going on.
I interviewed a few weeks back and I'm former part 121 with about 2000 total, 1000 multi. There were six of us, ranging from high time to just meeting mins. Don't know why your friend wouldn't get called.

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