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ASA Happenings

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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
I read in a previous post that the ASA rumor is indefinate hiring stoppage. What does it look like time line wise for that. Just wondering, a budy of mine there said that they are short FO's in ATL.
Depends on who ask, and what day it is around here. I don't know if you could call 40 FO's for 206 lines a shortage (CRJ-200).

Our inept scheduling department does not function well if they don't have 100 reserve pilots sitting around sending them food and begging them for flight time.

I certainly hope we do hire soon, I would love to move off the bottom of the list!! Good luck and hang in there, I am sure things will turn around soon.:D
There is a May class. I spoke with recruitment yesterday, and they said it is a for sure thing!!!

SFR for chief pilot!!!!

Seeee Ya!!!!
Sup Feeeewwwwwl (SFR)!

Ya SFR, I heard the same thing. Monday, May 6 I heard is the date. The last vacancy bid (June) showed 9 capt vacancies sytemwide and 21 fo vacancies.

The prelims for June show 5 Emb DFW fo positions to be filled by newhires and 2 for the Crj DFW. Total Emb fo's in DFW showed 65.

So just Chill (SFR)
Well are they hiring out of the pool? Or has that pool dried up and their interviewing and hiring for FO positons to be filled?

May 6 Class and possible June Class

As far the May 6 class, the rumor is true. In addition, I heard rumors that the June class will probably drain the pool and may start interviewing again this Summer.

Good luck to you all!!!:)
got new intel for you guys,
got called for an interview yesterday. im going on the 7th. story is that the june class that they are "proposing" will drain the pool and they need to interview to fill this "possible " class.
any help you guys could give me would be great.

Congrats and good luck on your interview.

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