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ASA flight benefits?

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-Pay upwards of $200/year to basically keep you and your pass riders in the database (when DL employees pay $50).
-Lower priority than a DL retiree and/or parent of DL employee.
-Buddy Pass riders and travel companions pay yield.
-Can't use "priority listing" for mainline flights.

We do, however, get priority on our own aircraft (S2's)

In short, unless you can ride jumpseat...walk.
Flight benefits are really no longer a "benefit"
For those of us who actually use them and use them ALOT,

You pay the annual fee. It varies depending on whether your single or have a family.
You get UNLIMITED FREE domestic privileges. There are no mileage or usage fees.
You get more international segments than most people use in a year's time. There is a fee, but it's very reasonable. Some cities are more expensive than others. Example: coming home from Amsterdam to Atlanta is a little pricy at 50 dollars, but you are eligible to ride in First/Business. Yes you can get business if you're flexible on which days you travel. Other cities are quite cheap. JFK to Venice cost me a whopping 54 cents. Got first/business there too.

I've traveled worldwide with them. There is a learning process. IT IS STANDBY !!! You do learn to look at the loads well in advance and always make back up plans.

As for domestic; same deal but unlimited and free. Just watch the loads.

If you listen to the guys on this board who scream about how bad things are no matter what you give them, you'll never be happy about anything.

Hope that helps.
As for yield fare, we use the ZED system. It's also great. Works on pretty much all the major airlines. Emirates from Houston to Dubai was 125 dollars. KLM from Dubai to Amsterdam was 80 dollars.

The list of carriers is too long to list. Pretty much all of them except the deep cutters like Ryanair and Easyjet.
Thanks guys.... Do ya'll offer travel companion? Finally do the Delta folks get UAL benefits and vice versa?
Yes you get travel companions. I think its 6 per year. They ride on a lower priority, so that's one area I "would" advise caution. If the companion doesn't understand the standby system, they could be in for a long trip. If they are travelling with you, it's ok. If it YOUR personal companion in lieu of marriage, they get unlimited domestic, etc.

As for UAL benefits, you can choose to get those too. It's another annual fee and the priority is similar. I think there is a small mileage fee with them, but not sure. I don't use them very much.

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