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ASA contract

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Well-known member
Feb 20, 2009
Guys I am out of town and do not have access to the CBA. Can anyone give me a brief explanation of bypass having to do with whether you must have your bypass in prior to an official recall or if you can elect to bypass at the time of being notified of a recall.

Also, the email last night says that pilots are able to give the company more days of work IAW section 7.C or something??? Would anyone really do that with guys still on the street? I don't know what is in 7.C since I don't have a copy.

Thank you

Once your recall notice has been mailed out:

"A pilot will be allowed a period of ten (10) days within
which to notify the Company of his acceptance of recall."

I found it interesting to note that the company has no burden of proof regarding you having actually *received* your notice. They simply have to mail it.


C. Vacation Postponement
1. The Company may not cancel a pilot’s vacation. If Company
operations necessitate the postponement of vacations, the
Company will first solicit volunteers for such postponement. If
there are insufficient volunteers for such postponement, the
Company may make such postponements mandatory. The
Company will give at least fifteen (15) days notice of vacation
2. Voluntary postponements will be awarded in seniority order.
Involuntary postpone-ments will be awarded in inverse
seniority order.
3. A pilot whose vacation is postponed pursuant to paragraph
C.1., above, may select a non-postponable vacation from
open vacation for the current year or may add such vacation
as non-postponable vacation to the ensuing year’s usable
vacation. After such vacation has been awarded, a pilot will
designate which period(s) will be non-postponable. A pilot will
have the option of receiving vacation pay in lieu of rescheduling
a postponed vacation period.
4. When scheduled vacation dates are involuntarily postponed
by the Company, the Company will reimburse the pilot for all
non-refundable deposits made by the pilot in reliance upon
the originally scheduled dates. The Company must be
expeditiously advised by the pilot that postponement of a
scheduled vacation will result in a forfeiture of a deposit. The
pilot will be reimbursed within thirty (30) days of submitting
appropriate documentation of the forfeited deposits. The pilot
will use his best efforts to assist the Company in the recovery
of the deposit.
Oh wow I completely forgot about the website... sorry for making ya'll do the work for me. I'll go ahead and bookmark the site for future reference.

ok it says this:

section 23.g:

If a pilot to whom a recall notice was sent fails to accept within ten (10) days of the date the recall notice was sent or he rejects the offer of recall, such pilot will be removed from the seniority list.


Bypass will be based on the most recent bypass option form on file at 17:00 eastern time the day before recall notice is sent.

This to me means that I have to go ahead and decide ASAP to bypass for now if I want to because if I don't do it by 1700 on day 1 and they send out a recall notice on day 2 than my only option would be to accept or be removed from the list.

Is this the correct interpretation?

Next question is are there any "educated" thoughts as to which is the most likely scenario: the next recall would be followed by the rest in a relatively short time frame of less than 6-12 months, the next recall would not include everyone and it would be 1-2 years before every one else comes back, or the next recall would not include everyone and would actually be followed by being re-furloughed as the [creative curse word] hits the fan for whatever reasons I've seen spread all over FI. '

I know this sounds tedious but I need the info to help in my particular situation.

does that mean you think I personally will not choose to bypass or that they will recall all very quickly making it impossible bypass?

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