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Arizona State University

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Poor Flight Instructor
Feb 12, 2002
Anyone know anything about arizona state? i am thinkin bout going there next year for the aviation managment degree. Also...for anyone in the Mesa, AZ area...how are the flight instructing opportunities there? I am looking to go to college somewhere that i can instruct alot. Thanks in advance

Two words: Hot women.

Everywhere! It's like ASU asks the female applicants for pictures or something. Seriously - I looked at the school for the same reason. Nice, clean campus. Tons of good flying in the area, and I'm sure there are lots of instruction opportunities.

I ended up choosing UT-Austin to pursue Computer Science, but was pretty impressed with ASU and the surrounding area.
Can't wait to see the replies to this one. Will be relocating to phx and am having a hell of a time deciding what school to go to. I am 33 yrs old and changing careers. I have'nt got a four year degree any advice would be helpful!!!
The Phoenix area is fantastic. I lived there for a year and half, but now I'm in Florida. I will move back as soon as I can. Although I didn't go to ASU, I wish I would have. I lived very close to the ASU main campus, which was a blast. Girls everywhere, good restaurants, and fun bars. Flying in AZ was also alot of fun. Lots of GA traffic, but not as much as Florida. I never canceled a flight because of weather, but that also means less actual time. Actual can be found though, if you venture out to the California coast. Once again I wish I would have thought about ASU when choosing a college, but then I should have thought about flying back then too. One of my favorite aspects of PHX is its location. Within driving distance you can go to Vegas, go skiing in Flagstaff, venture down to Mexico, or just a little father is San Diego and Los Angeles. And since you fly those trips could be alot shorter. What more could you want?

Earn your four-year degree. You won't amount to anything in this business without it. That really should be your first priority.

You've probably heard of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. ERAU is a very well-known aviation school. You might consider it. I instructed at ERAU-Prescott for two and a half years. Prescott is about a 1½-hour drive from Phoenix. There is plenty of opinion pro and con about Riddle. Try running a search on the board for discussions about Riddle.

We had a discussion recently about Cochise College in Douglas, Arizona. Cochise is a two-year state school and has a very well-known aviation program. The school is fully accredited. Cost would undoubtedly be cheaper than Riddle.

Pan Am Flight Academy is a well-known commercial flight school in Phoenix. Another school is Westwind School of Aeronautics. A well-known FBO that has operated a school is Sawyer Aviation. I believe that there are a couple of schools on the Scottsdale airport.

Best advice here: Do plenty of shopping and ask plenty of questions. Good luck with your plans.
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Thanks for all the replies......i am not looking at ASU for the flight school necessarily....i plan to go in with my CFII-MEI so i dont need to fly with them...even just a business degree is all i want. I just want to be able to fly ALOT......i have four years and i obviously want to build as much time as i possibly can.....again...thanks for the replies

Here's a tip.... if you want any sort of chance of seeing hot women, you don't want to do the aviation management degree. You won't be at the main campus in Tempe, you'll be at the ASU East campus way out east in the middle of nowhere at Williams-Gateway Airport. I graduated with that degree in December, and I can't think of any hot women I ever saw out there. The main campus is definitely great though, I'm glad I still live right by the campus:D
Spent over 14 years in the PHX area. My wife and I met at ASU, and both graduated from there. Not only is PHX a great place to live, but ASU offers an outstanding education - at least the mechanical engineering department did.

I'm determined to make it back there someday - no disrespect to Seattle intended.


Hey BradG I did the ASU Aero Mgmt program in 1993. I don't know how much the courses/etc have changed, but it used to be a real good program.
I'm an AZ native (and still live here) and (many moons ago) instructed out at Falcon (Mesa), and the latest I heard was that the instructor market is fairly full, but is sounded like most people thought it was due to start getting busy.
Feel free to PM me if you need more specific info. :cool:
Mesa area . .

I am currently working on my CFI out of Falcon Field (FFZ) in Mesa with the checkride a week away (yahooo!). If I can offer one piece of advice, please STAY AWAY from Arizona Aviation located at Falcon Field. They have some good people, but you will get the run around on rates, availability, and maintenance issues. Please save yourself the trouble. :mad: There are many other apples in the barrell, but that is the only rotten one I've come across so far in the Phoenix area.

The Phoenix area is absolutely fantastic!! I did not go to ASU but I know someone who did, and they said it was a good program. I agree with everything else said above . . the women are amazing, the weather is great, and Mill Ave. in Tempe is ALWAYS a good time.

If you have any ???'s, feel free to ask!

Good Luck,

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