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Are they a major or regional pilot?

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May 16, 2002
Now that the furloughed mainline pilots at USAir will now be flying the RJ, albeit at the captain pay level for both pilots, does that make them regional pilots? Or are they still considered major airline pilots?

Is Potomac Air a Regional airline? Or a major airline? Will those furloughed mainline pilots flying the regional jet, now be considered lesser pilots, therefore not deserving of the same respect they would have had as a USAir pilot? Is someone going to just decide they aren't as "special" even though they are still basically doing the same job they gave up?

Or is someone going to give them special status since they once worked for a "major" airline, even though they are now flying a "regional" airplane. And one more thought. If the "majors" would have decided to fly those "regional jets", would that make those pilots better pilots, than the pilots flying them now?

I posted this on the Major board, but it is an appropriate question for this board too.
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They should all get the same respect, reguardless. The only reason that small jet pilots get less respect is because A. The media makes people think smaller aircraft are less safe, and B. Major pilots try to make us look inferior.

I'ts just not true, and I'm not buying it. Everyone deserves the same respect, and representation. That is why some very brave Comair and ASA captains are suing ALPA. Good luck to all.
And my hat is off to those brave COMAIR and ASA folks too.

You are doing the right thing. The right way too! Yes! This is definitely a duty of fair representation case. The USAir Express folks should think about making their own stand, and getting a similar thing going regarding their most recent treatment by ALPA and their mainline folks.

Those bylaws read the same for everyone. They should be applied equally. Management loves to see the two work groups doing each other in. That makes their job easier. United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

Management knows that. They probably are clapping their hands with glee to watch all the ruckus.

Fly Safe Everyone.
Great post!!!
Read PRO PILOT article "Regional Pilots are airline pilots"Page 12.
Those major airline pilots will now know what it feels like to fly "small" airplanes.
Yup. But why should we have to sue them in order to get fair and equitable treatment? Is it money? Greed?

I read the Pro-pilot article, and it was good, but remember that it was written by a management guy. It's true that Comair pilots accepted a contract that was less than expected, but management also said they would make Comair go away. Funny how he forgot to mention that part.
Your right, you guys should not have to sue. Hats off to the comair pilots,it is about time a regional pilot group stood up. It may not the top possible pay but it is a good start.
Now hopefully other regional carriers will follow suit and get what they want. NOTE TO Airlink: Don't let pizza and BBQ partys take away from the promise land. You should be making $70,000 in the 2nd year as a Captain not in the 14th... Now that is just my opinion.But if they are making the kind of money they talk about in PRO Pilot,then waiting 14 years for good money is a little long...Still paying 14000 in the first year in the year 2002. BAD BAD

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