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Are student starts way down?

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Nov 27, 2001
I'm curious to how much of an effect 9/11 has had on new student pilots. I'm about to start my CFI and I'm getting a little nervous about the prospects of finding a job. The big pilot factory that I'm at has slowed down quite a bit. And rumor has it that you might have to wait 6-10 months for a job, there is a huge back log of hired but not working CFI's. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.
oh yeah...

I started instructing at the beginning of 2001. At that time, I had offers from every place I applied and jobs were plentiful at all the big schools in AZ, FL, etc. I took students from a waiting list at the school I chose and there were plenty. Now, we have a glut of instructors and students are more and more difficult to come by. Until the regionals start hiring again, I don't see this changing. Get a job at a big school if you can and plan on being there for a bit. You might get 135 mins and do cargo before you get to a 121 job. who knows?

best of luck
I know summer At ERAU is looking bad. All part time instructors are being let go. Fall looks at or above normal from what I've heard.

Things do look like they are turning around though. In the last three weeks a few other instructors including myself, are leaving or have left for better jobs, after five months of stagnation.

Here in Green Bay, WI, the student starts have been UP a lot since 9.11! Interesting. One of the 2 flight schools here just got a Seminole. Our metro area is about 220,000, and this is the first ME trainer in town, and the only one north of MKE/MSN!


Generally speaking, the schools that I talk to say things are on the rebound to normal as far as starts.

Most students are taking the long range view that this is a career and that six months to a year set back is not causing them to waiver from thier goals.

The fact is that, after 9/11, you have not been set back much farther than the average student in the early 90's was as normal.
That's wierd. I had a buddy who could only get hired part time as a CFII at one of the FBOs out of GRB. If they had such a glut of students, I wouldn't think he would have had to pull teeth to get a part time gig. On another note, Brennand (79C) just west of Neenah has had a twin for rent and instruction since at least the early '90s. Not that I would pay to fly it mind you....:(
See Yooooooooooo!
At my school enrollment is up about fifteen percent this year. Recently we even created a three-phase program to aleviate local airpsace congestion.

CFI Jobs

Good comments, Pub, especially those on the long-range viewpoint of the career.

Finish your ticket(s) and start applying for jobs. Start at your pilot factory. It may be your best chance because schools generally give preference to their graduates, so you already have an advantage. Apply to the pilot factories down the street and farther away. Send out stuff EVERYWHERE. Drive your materials to places. Followup on your applications. Yes, it is discouraging and frustrating, and you will want to give up. I know. Don't forget, it only takes one opportunity.

Occasionally, Captain Mac at Flight Crews International, www.fcilax.com , lists instructor openings. I found one of my jobs through Captain Mac. FCI is worth belonging to, but not at this stage of your experience. See if you can borrow the newsletter from time to time. FCI is a great job resource for higher-time pilots, especially those with good time in heavy equipment.

Good luck with your job search.
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