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Applying at jetBlue


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Jun 17, 2002
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Has anyone tried to apply to jetBlue online, not met their minimums and have any luck? My application got kicked back when the flight time didn't meet their minimums (1000 >20000 MTOW). Trying to show continued interest, but apparently unable to do so(online). Thanks for the input.


Apr 28, 2002
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I received a response to an email wrt the "100 hr min within last year" -- :

"We are revisiting the issue of requiring the 100 hour minimum. However, it remains in effect for the time being. These mins were determined as a result of our extremely fast upgrade to the left seat for Pilots at JetBlue. As a result of 9/11 (now almost 12 months ago), and the number of furloughed Pilots out there, we may see this minimum altered in order to avoid having these applicants drop from our radar screen as they come up on the 12 month cut-off without having had a chance to fly. If there is a change in this requirement, it will be posted on the website right away.

Our online application as well as our website states the minimum requirements for completing the application and attempts to draw additional attention to these minimums through the use of asterisks in order to help people avoid wasting time completing the application if they are unable to meet these requirements."

Director, Pilot Recruitment
JetBlue Airways