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Application question.

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Jul 15, 2005
How exactly do you answer the question about prior traffic violations? I have a clean driving record but have had a couple of tickets over the past 15 years of driving. What are they looking for? Would I get overlooked if I answered correctly?
I had a couple of traffic tickets too and answered truthfully about them. One was a speeding ticket and one was an illegal turn. Fortunately they were both more than 5 years old and didn't show a continuing pattern. The speeding ticket was less than 10 mph, so not reckless. I wasn't even asked about them in the interview.

If you have a continuing trend or the speeds were excessive, then you might have a little more trouble. Like anything that isn't perfect in your record, you learned something from the experience and try not to do it today. This doesn't work if you were caught doing 90 in a 45 zone last week.
Does a seatbelt violation count.

One day I was pulled over for turning right in a non-turning lane. Cop said he would write a seatbelt ticket, although I had mine on and always do. This was done, so that it wasn't a moving violation with points. Unfortunately, my insurance co. surcharged me for the ticket, even though I didn't accrue any points. Wonder if that would show up on a national drivers registry.
I don't think a seatbelt ticket would. I got one for illegal window tint and that didn't show up anywhere.
What about if you got a ticket for 5 mph over, but it was dismissed b/c the officer didn't show up to court (was never put on record)?
When in doubt, put it down. Not all background check companies are the same...and if company your applying to uses a good one and they find some minor misdemeanor you didn't disclose, it could be detrimental. As far as traffic violations go, those are no biggie because they're going to show up thru the registry anyway.

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