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APA with very interesting proposal

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Go to the Yahoo business section. In a nutshell, the Allied Pilots Association has proposed taking all of Eagles 70 and 50 seat jets and giving them to the furloughed American crews. Once all the recalls are complete at American, the flow through time frame from Eagle to mainline would drastically speed up. Wow.
Remember - this is a proposal. AMR Mgt still has to counter. Eagle will probably still get left out somehow like they always are. It would be nice, though, and it's something all of us at Eagle have been saying (and wanting) for years. It certainly would take care of the SCOPE problems at AMR!
This is very interesting.

I would have thought that the American pilots (APA) would be the last group to propose the official abolishment of scope and to allow mainline pilots to fly 70 and 50 seat RJ's.

If this thing goes through then hold on because we are in for a wild ride.
So where do the TWA guys fit in? Do they get to flow back and fly Eagle's RJs? I know they're getting screwed with the furlough numbers compared to American's pilot furloughs. I know, I know they should be glad they have a job, blah, blah, blah. I don't fly for either, just curious.

So let me get this straight,
The crj's and erj's that weren't good enough for them before all this went down suddenly now they want to fly?
Oh my how times change!!!!!!!!!!
Yours truly pissed

As I have said before, anyone who thinks that this is a good deal for Eagle, has no idea what they are talking about. I will lose my job. Tell me just how am I going to RAPIDLY FLOW THROUGH to American. Do you realy think I am going to trust anything you have to say. You want me to believe that APA cares about anyone at Eagle LOL. APA is just looking out for themselves as they always do.:mad:
I read this letter about this yesterday. I have to say that it sounds loaded. The AA flow through is the WORST deal out there, and I have little faith that now suddenly it will work is the Eagle guys lose the jets now. I think the eagle guys need to stand up to this BS now. I know many guys who are at Eagle now, or have left there who all feel very bitter about the flow through that never really worked very well. If I was at Eagle now I wouldn't be letting this go by.

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