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APA (AMR pilots) go informational

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Rez O. Lewshun

Save the Profession
Jan 19, 2004
The APA pilots have a website, Pilots Defending the Profession.

It appears its goal is to inform Pilots on the issues....

Since 95% of us need education, this is a good start. Just becuase you are current and qualified to operate a jet doesn't mean you know much about managing [y]our Air Line Career. Knowing how to navigate the (local and national) political waters that you are adrift is elementry and paramount. The fact is 95% of us don't even realize we are adrift in a political ocean with only a zodiac rubber boat. We need to build an effective fleet.

Not sure where this website is headed. I do know a grassroots movement of all 100,000 Air Line Pilots is despertly needed. Whether the APA, ALPA or some one else does it..it needs to be done...

After reading thier Editorial on productivity and accountability....

Productivity is going to be one of, if not the, competitive edge in the future of the airline industry. CEO accountability will change out of airline survival. CEO's will have to put up or shut up. Gone are the golden parachutes and pay outs for non performance. (this will take the next five years to evolve)

The Legacy Carrier model is severly broken and unusable in the New Air Line Industry.

Unions will have to take on a unfamiliar leadership role in thier airlines future. Carving out protections and deminished productivity are unacceptable. Union Leadership will have to offer out of the box, progressive, dynamic and paradigm shifts while allowing the Corporate Leadership to remain (and feel) in total control.

The Paradigm shifts starts with increased communication, education, common goals, eglitarianism and empathy.

Are you ready to stop being a Sheep and become a Sheep Dog?
  • Hard Landing
  • Flying the Line Vol. I & II
  • The Southwest Airline Way
Hard Landing will educate you on how jacked up this industry is, who the clowns are and indicate why our 2WD truck is just spinning its wheels.

Flying the Line will put our current pain and suffering into perspective. It will highlight the mistakes of ALPA and help define your identity as an Air Line Pilot.

The Southwest Airline Way will provide hope for our future, fresh ideas and an opportunity to turn this industry around for all of the players... not just Air Line Pilots.

You are part of the solution or not. Being a part of the solution starts with education. Everyone brings something to the table. Get informed. Visualize a pilot trying to solve a problem without knowing how the system works. He is ineffective and actually makes the problem worse. He is his own worst enemy. We don't need to be this guy. We can't be this guy.

Let's discuss......
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PDP is not the APA.

They are a fringe sub-culture of the APA.
Well I like their fringe subculture. Lots of resources on their site, and some good reasoning.
That's the "STMFD"/"Full pay to the last day" crowd at AA.

Yes, they have some good ideas. If you know some of the players, you know where they are really at, though.

I think they worship at an altar with a big picture of Charlie Bryan on it.TC
The PDP is better known by their internal AMR nickname- the 'Taliban'.

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