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AP: Delta, Air France-KLM to reap $12 billion annually

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Can anyone say bye bye to the AMS hub......

Do you have any information regarding that statement? I just received an email that negotiations between the unions (DALPA, DALPA and the french ones)are still ongoing. As a matter of fact, a meeting has just been hosted the last three days by Dutch ALPA.

Early indications are that a deal similar to the deal that was with NW is in the making. Dutch ALPA is optimistic about the negotiations that are taking place.

The deal KLM made with NW back then ( and consequently between the unions) was hugely profitable and groundbreaking in the airline world (I don't think any airline ever since has been able to pull it off.

Delta has several hubs in the US, KLM/AF has two in Europe. Granted, I'm not as wel versed in the airline business as for example GL but I don't think the JV between Delta and KLM/AF necessarily means the end of the AMS hub. I can only hope that another groundbreaking deal is in the making.

I'd be very interested what you hear from your union regarding the matter?
None what-so-ever. Just a hunch

It is all covered by NDA, but I cannot see DAL keeping a hub in AMS when we are going to be doing a Joint Venture with KLM like we are doing with AF. It would be like putting a hub in CDG. It just makes sense that we would pair down that flying to protect the hub and increase the joint venture proffits.

Scope at the Top end is important too!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned as I'm directly affected, but al communications we are getting so far state that a fairly positive deal is in the making

I guess we will find out in the next few weeks.

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As a further piece of info,

the letter I just received states that the three unions ( well I guess in the case of AF it's about 5) have met the last few months in order to come to a comprehensive set of protocols ( these protocols to be presented towards the respective companies and then entered into the respective CLA's)to protect each others interest.

The spirit between the unions seems to be extraordinary good. The communication between DALPA and Delta managment are extremely good, with good info sharing. The same is said about D(utch)ALPA and KLM. Only the relationship between AF and it's unions leaves something to be desired. Witch is followed closely by D(utch) ALPA.However, they are positive about the outcome.

That in a nut shell is what I just read.

Once again, I do have an interest, so I'm following it closely. The deal between KLM and NW was groundbreaking, looked at with envy by a lot of other airlines. I can only hope that the next deal followes that spirit.

Btw what does NDA mean?

Can anyone say bye bye to the AMS hub......

It's not much of a hub to begin with. Do we fly anywhere else out of there (that people would connect on) other than India?

I could see things staying status quo with this just strengthing things.

Delta flights coming in from various cities in the States to feed KLM flights in AMS.

Just as "single" NWA was already doing and as "single" Delta was/is starting to do with Air France (a la the new proposed flights between PIT & RDU).

While bigger markets would probably be dominated by the foreign carriers "heavy metal", when it comes smaller markets (such as BDL & PDX) we still have better name recognition as well as the 757/767's to support them. I'd imagine there are still quite a few dots to connect.
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There will be a lot more service probably from smaller cities (with our 757ER), just like the previously announced PIT-CDG, RDU--CDG etc. If AMS remains a large transatlantic hub--BDL to AMS will probably come back in better times, and other city pairs will result. I can see SLC-AMS also too maybe. There will be lots of planes crossing each day, and smaller cities in Europe will benefit too on the other end as connection through Paris and Amsterdam increase, as well as at our hubs over here. Sounds good, I hope ALPA has been paying attention and talking with Dutch and the French union people too.

Bye Bye--General Lee

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